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[PIKSI] (fwd) Misunderstanding

From istiqfar @ (Istiqfar)
Date Mon, 19 Jul 1999 16:41:45 GMT
Cc ismail @, anzar @, piksi-l @
Sender owner-piksi-l @

>  Dear Boss,
>  "Our staff has completed the 18 months of work on time and on budget.
>  We have gone through every line of code in every program in every
> system.
>  We have analyzed all databases, all data files, including backups and
>  historic archives, and modified all data to reflect the change.
>  We are proud to report that we have completed the "Y2K" date change
> mission,
>  and have now implemented all changes to all programs and all data to
> reflect
>  your new standards: Januark, Februark, March, April, Mak, June, Julk,
>  August, September, October, November, December As well as: Sundak,
>  Mondak,Tuesdak,Wednesdak, Thursdak, Fridak, Saturdak. I trust that
> this is
>  satisfactory, because to be honest, none of this "Y to K" problem has
> made
>  any sense to me.
>  But I understand it is a global problem, and our team is glad to help
> in any
>  way possible. And what does the year 2000 have to do with it?
>  Speaking of which, what do you think we ought to do next year when
> the two
>  digit year rolls over from 99 to 00? We'll await your direction."
>  Joan Duh Snr Programmer

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