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[PIKSI-L] Finally, summer! AND important info about your email account!

From V3-The People <mailings @>
Date Mon, 31 Jul 2000 13:31:02 +0200 (CEST)

Your Member Info:

name.........:  ,piksi-l                                                                                             
V3url........:                                                                                              AND http://piksi-l                                                                                   
Target url...:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Category.....:  Anonymous
RedType......:  Popup
Birthday.....:  01 Jan 1974

If any of this isn't right, please log in to our member section
at and change your settings. Please note that you
can also change the frequency of newsletters send to you!

Hello piksi-l                                                                                             ,

It's summer!
Holiday's are coming, so not a lot of new news :-)
We are working on the servers, so if you are a new member from the 
happy Ming Family ( you might experience some hick up's, but 
holiday's or not we are working very hard to make everything ok :-)

We temporarily changed all e-mail accounts to forwarded e-mail.
We seem to have some problems with the web based accounts and find this to 
be the only solution to keep everybody happy, it was the most popular
form already anyway :-)
We are exploring other way's for you to handle the e-mail as well, but
more about that later.

I also got some space here to handle the absolute most asked question
I receive, as you maybe can imagine I get a LOT of them :-)
The answer is YES, it is true what they tell you about Amsterdam, haha
I won't go into details since this newsletter has to be family friendly,
but the two things you hear about it are true :-)

This is probable not the question you might expect to be the most asked
one, but believe me, it is :-)

*************************** COOL SITES ********************************

And here we go, our new, hand picked cool sites of the week.
If you want to be on this list send me your v3 URL and a short 
description at coolsites @, if you make it to the list your url 
will also be published on

Did you notice there is a new way to bribe me?
(bribes will help you to get picked, but is not a guaranty :-) )
Just take a look there, click around and I'm sure you will find it :-)

a LOT of jokes! A happy site!        
Ziggy !! You know, Bob Marley's son  
Winnie the Pooh                      
a Ethnic Indian Bazar                
the Official Gregory Jbara Home Page 
There are bikes, and Ducati's!       
Christina Aguilera!  nuff said, right?
Bribery DOES pay :-)                 
Goa Trance!                           
Classic cars, about restoring and collecting 

You can find these cool sites (and more) at 

I'm sure that                                                                                              will look nice there as well :-)

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to activate a V3 Account: piksi-l @                                                             

You can log into the member section at to change 
the status of the account or alter the frequency or stop this mailing.


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