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[PIKSI-L] Ten new cool sites, info about your account and.....

From V3-The People <mailings @>
Date Sun, 13 Aug 2000 13:21:31 +0200 (CEST)

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name.........:  ,piksi-l                                                                                             
V3url........:                                                                                              AND http://piksi-l                                                                                   
Target url...:                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Category.....:  Anonymous
RedType......:  Popup
Birthday.....:  01 Jan 1974

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Hi piksi-l                                                                                             ,

I proved I was really human :-) Unintentionally though, but I goofed up 
some mail I got. A lot of messages I had answered ended up at the wrong 
person, fortunately it was a friend of mine, but still......  :-)
Most of them were reactions on the coolsites address, so if you didn't get
a reply, you know why :-)

The gods of nature seem to forgot it was supposed to be summer here in
Holland, ah well.....   Maybe it will come eventually...

Alrighty, let me tell you what's going on here.
I told you about this earlier but we still receive a lot of questions about it so
I will tell you again.

We temporarily changed all e-mail accounts to forwarded e-mail. We are 
having some problems with the web based accounts and find this to be the 
only solution to keep everybody happy, 
it was the most popular form already anyway :-)
We are exploring other ways for you to handle the e-mail as well, but
more about that later.

I hope this will reduce the number of messages we get about not being
able to use the 'check mail' function in the member section.
You don't have to check mail there, we deliver at home :-)

I also got some more HEY REMY pic's, thanks :-)
I really prefer 'live' ones with a hand written message, like the one's
on top of the page ( )
This is to avoid copyright issues and things like that, and to make sure 
it's a real picture from you, and not just someone you found on the
internet who doesn't even know it's published.

Oh, just remembered something I need to say as well.
On some accounts you will see a white page during the redirect,
this happens when an account is not 'cloaked', we use the white page to
calculate the statistics. If you don't like the delay I suggest that you
turn on the cloaking device, you can do this in the member section.
With the cloaking device we have another way to count the redirects so the
white page will be gone!  

***************************** highly recommended **************************


A 3-minute download can save you hours of typing! 
Gator remembers ALL your user names and passwords, and safely stores your 
info encrypted on your hard drive. 
Plus, Gator comes with  in coupons just for trying it out!

****************************** COOL SITES *********************************

And here we go again, our new, hand picked cool sites of the week.
If you want to be on this list send me your v3 URL and a short description 
at coolsites @, if you make it to the list your url will also be 
published on

Make your own Beer, hmmmm          
Volleyball in China                
Facts and fantasies :-)            
Hong Kong based aviation page      
Its coming! its coming!            
Need a DJ?                         
Have talent, need promotion?       
Indonesia by bike, Cool one!       
Captain Haddocks tattoos           
All about Mandy and Moore          
You can find these cool sites (and more) at

********************** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED *********************************

Spice up your web site with Bravenet!

Freebies to make your web site more interactive:
guestbooks, web forums, site announcers, , mailing lists, search engines,
counters, e-mail forms, greeting cards, HTML toolbox, gif optimiser...
Cool tools for webmasters for free!

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