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[PIKSI-L] Opportunities at Omnes

From Ari Noviandi <arin @>
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2000 16:48:33 -0600
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Dear All,

Currently Omnes has a big project in Asia for Desktop refreshment for all Schlumberger oil field location.
Anybody who has free time for a couple months started in January 2001 is urged to apply and send me e-mail.
The job itself is not too difficult but will include a lot of travelling to various location in Indonesia. The same projects will also
be conducted in these locations: Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Japan, Russia,Bangladesh, and Myanmar.
So provided that you are capable, you can extend the job with Omnes if you have enough free time.

Moreover, there some openings as engineer at Omnes Jakarta now, if you are interested, please send your resume or contact me via
e-mail. Who knows you match the criteria and you can by pass all the bla-bla interview of Schlumberger at PII. They really need a lot of engineers now.
If you have friends out there that you think fit for this position, please do me a favor by telling them about this.


Ari Noviandi
Technical Consultant
Schlumberger Omnes

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